Repair, strengthen and revitalize your lawn with a Nutri-Lawn seeding program.

Seeding is a highly effective way to repair damaged lawns – even lawns with severe grub, heat or drought damage. It's also a great way to add thickness and newer insect and drought resistant varieties to lawns that are already in good shape. Regardless of your lawn's current condition, seeding can serve to greatly improve the appearance and health of the grass.

At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we provide three types of seeding programs: hydroseeding, slitseeding and overseeding. Each is best suited for a specific type of lawn – check the overview below to see which type of seeding is right for you!

Hydroseeding Hydroseeding


Best for grub-damaged lawns, or lawns with bare patches and dead turf. A special blend of mulch, tackifier and fertilizer is applied, which will help to heal the damage and establish thick, healthy turf.

Hydroseeding Hydroseeding


An excellent choice to repair heat- and drought-damaged lawns. A specialized machine cuts through dead turf and applies new seed directly into the soil, bringing the lawn back to life.

Hydroseeding Hydroseeding


This process thickens existing turf and introduces new varieties of grass. Core aeration is performed, and then the lawn is seeded with a broadcast spreader. This program is best for lawns without large bare patches.