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Posted by on in Halifax

Summer Meeting 2011 Rotary Club Award

Halifax played host to Nutri-Lawn franchisees, directors and management from across the country for their 2011 Annual Summer Meeting.

While visiting the city, the directors of the company were presented a very special award from the Rotary Club for their participation and ongoing efforts to partner with the Rotarians on Dominican Republic Relief projects outside of San Pedro.

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Posted by on in Ottawa

What is the Ontario Pesticide Ban?

Did you know that Ontario effectively banned the use of lawn and garden pesticides back in April of 2009? This ban, which included more than 250 popular pesticide treatments, has greatly limited the way Ottawa lawn care companies can treat and protect lawns against harmful pests and persistent weed growth. Luckily, the talented lawn care crew at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa have developed a number of techniques and environmentally-friendly pesticide alternatives that can help ensure the health and vitality of your lawn this summer.

About the Pesticide Ban
The Ontario-wide pesticide ban came into effect on Earth Day in April of 2009. The ban, which is now law across all of the province, banned the sale of pesticides "for cosmetic purposes on lawns, gardens, parks, and school yards, and includes many herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides." This ban also prohibited the types of lawn care products that automatic lawn sprinkler system installers could provide to their customers. There are no exceptions to this pesticide ban. If you have used chemicals on your lawn, vegetable garden, patio, driveway or ornamental gardens in the past, you are no longer permitted to do so and can be fined if these chemicals are found in your possession.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Watering Tips for Your Ottawa Lawn

Proper watering is an essential part of your lawn care maintenance routine. Whether you own a small commercial lot or a rolling residential estate, a well-rounded irrigation schedule will help improve your lawn's health, appearance, and resistance to disease. Let the residential and commercial sprinkler system installers from Nutri-Lawn show you how to properly use your inground irrigation system in order to ensure that your Ottawa lawn flourishes this summer.

Tip #1 – Water As Needed
Remember what your mother told you – everything in moderation. The same can be said for your Ottawa irrigation schedule. Too much water can lead to a variety of lawn diseases. How can you tell if your lawn is being over-saturated by your commercial or residential sprinkler system? Symptoms include the yellowing of grass shoots, the pooling of water, and root rot. While it may seem counterintuitive, grass can also wilt if it is exposed to too much continual moisture.

Posted by on in Ottawa

How to Estimate Your Lawn Care Costs

Taking care of a lawn, whether it's at your home or business, can be a time consuming and sometimes expensive task. Mowing, watering, weeding, and landscaping – the list of outdoor chores goes on and on and on! If the thought of spending hours behind the wheel of your lawnmower makes you weary, don't fret just yet. Nutri-Lawn's residential and commercial sprinkler system installers are here to help you better understand the costs and commitments associated with your year-round lawn maintenance needs.

Deciding on the Necessary Lawn Care Services
The first step in estimating your commercial or residential lawn care needs is deciding just what sort of services your lawn requires. Services are wide ranging and include everything from tree and shrub trimming to mowing, sprinkler system installation and maintenance, and holiday decorating. Not sure what your lawn requires? An experienced Nutri-Lawn lawn maintenance technician would be happy to stop by your home or business to provide a thorough site evaluation and offer their professional recommendations. Lawn care maintenance plans are extremely flexible and can be customized to suit both your budget and the natural requirements of your property.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Ottawa Weed Control - the Eco-Friendly Way

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is pleased to offer the best Natural Weed Control product to hit the market since the province of Ontario banned the use of cosmetic pesticides in 2009. For homeowners whose lawns are over-run by weeds Nutri-Lawn offers a non pesticide alternative.

Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer is available for use in Ontario to control broadleaf weeds on your lawn. Fiesta is a natural alternative to the traditional chemical herbicides that are now banned in the province of Ontario.

Fiesta is a welcome solution to Ottawa homeowners fed up with the explosion of dandelions on their lawn.

  • Fiesta kills the weeds, but doesn't harm the lawn!
  • Works rapidly with results expected in less than 48 hours!
  • Fiesta weed control is made naturally occurring Iron!
  • Fiesta is rain-fast in just 3 hours!
  • Fiesta weed control is odourless and is spot applied!

The Weed Control Act of Ontario states that all property owners are responsible for destroying noxious weeds on their property unless the weeds or weed seeds are deemed by the Weed Inspector to be far enough away from any land used for agricultural or horticultural purposes that they do not interfere with that use.

Posted by on in Ottawa

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn

How often do you feed your lawn? It may seem like a funny question, but in order to keep your Ottawa lawn healthy and vibrant, you need to feed it nutrients regularly. Elements like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen need to be added to your lawn in order to keep it lush and green. Fertilizers are the most common way to feed your lawn, but just what type of nutrient combination does your unique lawn need? If you're struggling to find a fertilizer that's right for your Ottawa property, don't worry – the home sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn can design a fertilizer treatment to satisfy the cravings of any Ottawa area lawn.

Understanding the Needs of Your Lawn
Ottawa residents will have either warm-season or cool-season grass planted on their property. Each of these grasses has its own growing season, and therefore each requires a different fertilization schedule.

Posted by on in Ottawa

FIESTA-ottawa-newsAre you tired of struggling to keep your yard weed-free? FIESTA™ is a new lawn bio-herbicide that’s derived from iron – the 4th most common element in soil. This fast acting liquid weed control is odourless and rain-fast in 3 hours. It is child and pet friendly when dry and it works on most weeds without damaging turfgrass. Nutri-Lawn is the first lawn care company in Ottawa to incorporate FIESTA™ into its services!

FIESTA™ is best applied when the weeds are actively growing, so regular applications will yield the best results. It’s absorbed by the leaf tissue and translocated down to the roots – killing it quickly. Weeds turn black and begin to curl within 24 hrs of the application. They then decompose and disappear. You aren’t required to water after an application and you can mow once the weeds have begun to curl. Composting your clippings is 100% acceptable and safe.


Posted by on in Ottawa

nutrilawn2_apr11_1One of the most common issues that concern our customers in the spring is once the snow melts; the lawn appears to be brown and thin. The Ottawa area’s harsh winter weather often wreaks havoc on our lawns. Older grass plants die off, rodents such as voles make paths on the lawn under the snow and foot and pet traffic over the snow damages the turf below.

Overseeding is a great way to recover from winter. It will green up your lawn, thicken the turf and introduce new varieties of grass to your existing turf to help crowd out weeds. Our licensed technicians aerate the lawn to break up the thatch and compaction to prepare for excellent seed-soil contact. The seed is then applied using a broadcast spreader at rates above the manufacturer’s recom- mended rates.

Posted by on in Halifax

ns-dr-renourishNutri-Lawn Nova Scotia Owner Peter Bugden participated with a group of 10 volunteers in our annual Re:Nourish outreach trip to the Dominican Republic.

The group split between work at the NPH Organage in San Pedro de Macoris and two outreach projects in the bateyes in Consuelo/San Pedro area.

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Posted by on in Ottawa

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn isn't as difficult as one might think. All you need is an energy-efficient inground irrigation system and a trusty lawnmower. Proper watering and mowing practices can go a long way to transforming the look and feel of your lawn. These are just a few tips from the knowledgeable technicians here at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

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