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Posted by on in Ottawa

Ensure a great lawn next Spring with care this Fall

Top Dress and Overseed your lawn this fall and get a great lawn next spring! Nutri-Lawn uses their patented soil amendment – a revolutionary new compost product - to Top Dress your lawn so you get lush, green growth – usually within 30 days. The Top Dressing also helps your lawn retain moisture, adds important nutrients to your lawn, helps prevent turf diseases and speeds thatch decomposition. With Nutri-Lawn’s Organics Plus Top Dressing you get amazing results! This Top Dressing also helps when you Overseed to thicken your existing turf. The trained Nutri-Lawn technicians apply the seed above manufacturer’s specifications. Your lawn gets a core aeration, with professional equipment, first to loosen the soil allowing air, water and nutrients in. Good core aeration also allows better seed-soil contact and Fall is a good time for germination. All you have to do is add water! But remember – if it dries, it dies. Keep your overseeded lawn well-watered daily for three weeks and you should have grass starting to germinate in a week.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Xeriscape – Water-wise Landscaping

Water conservation is always a major concern for the inground sprinkler system installers here at Nutri-Lawn. That's why we're dedicated to providing our customers with an amazing selection of environmentally-friendly automatic sprinkler systems. Designed to work in harmony with Mother Nature, these systems help reduce water consumption and eliminate expensive utility bills. But that's not all. Our water-smart Ottawa sprinkler systems can be programmed to work in harmony with a drought-resistant xeriscaped lawn.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Designing for Drought – Tips and Tricks for a Lush Lawn

Have the dog days of summer left your lawn looking worse for wear? Hot, humid Ottawa summers can wreak havoc on even the most well maintained properties, especially those with non-native landscaping elements. If you're tired of the devastation that drought causes to your lawn, now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your landscaping and prepare for next year.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Everything You Need to Know About Ottawa Lawn Seed

What kind of grass is growing in your yard? It's a simple question, but just how many people really know the answer? From turf grasses to fescues, seed blends to low maintenance options, there are literally dozens of different lawn seed varieties. The trick is knowing which type will flourish in your Ottawa lawn. From the city to the valley, let's take a closer look at your lawn.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Water-Saving Tips For Your Ottawa Lawn and Garden

Did you know that in the summer months municipal water use doubles here in Ottawa? From swimming pools and car washes, to lawn and garden maintenance, August is a wet and wild month in the city. Unfortunately, this increased demand for water places stress on municipal water systems and increases costs for tax payers and water users. In fact, it isn't uncommon for some municipalities to declare water restrictions during periods of extreme heat. When water becomes a hot commodity in your neighbourhood, don't despair. The following water-saving tips from the lawn sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa will help your property cope with drought-like conditions.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Let Nutri-Lawn apply nematodes to your lawn and you can kiss grubs goodbye! Grubs can cause expensive damage toNematodes--Nutri-Lawnyour lawn. Eggs laid in the summer by beetles hatch in late summer, turn into grubs and can destroy your turf thereby reducing your home’s value. Protect your lush lawn with environmentally friendly nematodes. These microscopic roundworms seek out grubs as their hosts and then destroy them. With over 15 years of experience in the use of nematodes, Nutri-Lawn’s experts know exactly the ideal conditions to release these efficient grub killers.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Getting a Handle on Hairy Chinch Bugs

Ottawa business owners have enough to worry about without adding lawn pests to the list. Unfortunately, Ottawa often falls prey to an awful infestation of hairy chinch bugs during the summer months, and commercial properties aren't exempt from the attack. Protect your lawn from these vicious little bugs early with pesticide treatments from the lawn care and commercial sprinkler system experts at Nutri-Lawn.

How to Tell if Your Lawn is in a Hairy Situation

Hairy chinch bugs are extremely small (about 5 millimetres in length) with six reddish legs. A fully grown hairy chinch bug has a black body and white wings. Immature hairy chinch bugs are bright red with distinct white bands across their backs. If you happen to inspect a hairy chinch bug up close, be careful! Hairy chinch bugs have piercing mouthparts that they use to feed on the sap of grass plants.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Techniques to Tackle Common Lawn Diseases

Common lawn diseases are difficult to diagnose. In most cases, the only sign of distress is when the grass is already dead. If your lawn is already exhibiting patches of dead or yellowing grass, don't despair. The expert lawn care and inground sprinkler system installers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you tackle these problematic patches and prevent the spread of disease. The following diseases are the ones most commonly found on local lawns:

1) Snow Moulds

Snow moulds are caused by several species of fungi, most of which grow at temperatures near freezing. Symptoms of this common lawn disease are most prevalent in the spring, or whenever the first major snow melt occurs. Signs of snow mould include circular or irregular straw-coloured patches that are topped by fluffy grey or pink mould spores. The residential sprinkler installers at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa usually notice damage in areas where snow persists longer in the spring (the areas next to driveways are often the first to show signs of distress).

Posted by on in Halifax

NL Nova Scotia Summer Meeting 2011 Halifax, NS was host to the Nutri-Lawn Summer Meetings. More than 20 Nutri-Lawn Owners/Operators and their families enjoyed meeting at the historical Citadel Hill, a classic East Coast Lobster Dinner, a ride on the Harbour Hopper and Kieth's Brewery Tour.

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Posted by on in Halifax

halifax mayor congratulations Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Mayor Peter Kelly congratulates Peter Bugden and Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia as the "Nutri-Lawn Franchise of the Year" Award winner.

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