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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Vancouver

If you're beginning your spring turf care in Vancouver, you may need to take a look at the level of thatch on your lawn. Thatch is composed of both living and dead plant matter, and can prevent water, air, and nutrients from nourishing your lawn. Don't wait for your lawn to slowly suffocate! Contact Nutri-Lawn's Vancouver turf maintenance experts and book one of our beneficial dethatching treatments today!

Posted by on in Ottawa

Are you finding grub damage in your lawn? Frustrated by how all your lawn care in Ottawa efforts are going to waste? Don't let grubs get you down! Adapt your Ottawa lawn care to fix the damage and prevent future problems.

What does grub damage look like?

Posted by on in Ottawa

Your grass may be greener. In fact, it may be the greenest lawn on your block. But is it truly "green"? Meaning, are your lawn maintenance practices environmentally friendly? There are many disconcerting statistics regarding the environmental effects of lawn care. Some are unavoidable, such as cutting your lawn with a gas mower. However, there are also plenty of eco-friendly ways to keep your lawn green and lush. While most people think of switching to chemical-free lawn care products, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a "green" lawn.

Posted by on in Ottawa

When people think of lawn care, they usually think of spring and summer maintenance – weeding, mowing, fertilizing and irrigation. But what happens when September hits? Don't just go through the motions of caring for your lawn this autumn, knowing that the first frost will soon halt any growth. Fall is a great time to repair summer lawn damage and set the stage for a healthy lawn come springtime. Here are a few quick tips from Nutri-Lawn's Irrigation professionals to get you started on your fall lawn care.

Posted by on in Ottawa

These days, it's all about the gas - gas lawnmowers, gas trimmers. And once you get into winter, there are gas snow blowers. When it comes to your Ottawa turf care, gas is just so convenient. There's no cord to get tangled up in, you can buy gas virtually anywhere, and the power of a gas engine can be quite impressive. However, gas is expensive and harmful for the environment. Luckily, there's an equally mobile alternative in the modern push reel mower. It may seem a little old school, but you should consider it as a viable “green” option for your turf maintenance program.

Posted by on in Ottawa

How To Prevent Common Lawn Damage

While every home and homeowner is different, they all stand united in a common goal: to have the greenest, most pristine and lush lawn on the block. They hang up pictures of golf greens as inspiration. They invest in lawn sprinkler installation to ensure their grass gets the perfect amount of moisture. They comb through their lawn for weeds. Their lawn mowing schedule and mower height are both set to perfection. Yet, despite all of the obsessing and hours spent perfecting their lawn, disaster can still strike. Something ends up eating holes in the grass blades, or brown patches begin to sprout. Wringing their hands, homeowners fret at where they went wrong. However, it doesn't matter how hard you work at your lawn, grass is still delicate and can be damaged by any number of factors. With the help of your lawn sprinkler installation experts, you can get your beautiful lawn back in no time!

Posted by on in Ottawa

Summer Weed Control

Are persistent weeds causing you to become frustrated with your carefully executed Ottawa area lawn care regiment? Don't let crabgrass and dandelions get you down. If you've spent hours maintaining your yard and using proper lawn irrigation only to have weeds continue to steal the nutrients from your turf, don't despair. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you identify the weed infestation and eliminate it with these tried and true techniques.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Be on the Look Out For White Grubs

Lawn service providers in Ottawa are all too familiar with white grubs – a common lawn pest known to emerge during early June. After continuously munching on your lawn and garden, these worm-like grubs grow into adult June beetles that can wreak havoc on your lawn long into the summer months. Taking advantage of Ottawa lawn services is the best way to prevent these nasty grubs from taking over your property.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Frequently Asked Questions About Ontario's Pesticide/Herbicide Ban

If you're worried about lawn maintenance in Ottawa and the lawn maintenance services available after the province-wide ban of cosmetic pesticides, you've come to the right place. Read on for more information on natural and effective lawn maintenance services from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

Posted by on in Ottawa

Do You Grass Cycle?

Let's be honest, mowing the lawn is far from fun; but, once you get into a groove, it isn't the worst job either. However, having to stop and empty the grass catcher of your lawn mower can break the momentum you've built up, making the job seems more arduous. Lucky for you, there's no need to continue this tedious practice. Collecting and removing grass clippings is both unnecessary and counterproductive to growing a healthy lawn. Don't believe us? Read on to become a believer in grass cycling.

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