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Kelp Extract

Helping Your Lawn Recover From Summer Drought Stress

Natural plant growth hormones enhance root development, helping your lawn survive a hot, dry summer.

What is Kelp Extract?

Seaweed Extract is a soluble kelp powder made from East Coast seaweed. It is applied to your lawn in a water solution. It has a low odor and is family and pet friendly. Kelp extract is:

  • 100% Organic & Natural
  • 100% Good for Your Lawn

Many Nutri-Lawn programs include kelp extract treatments, but additional treatments may be especially beneficial if your lawn has suffered insect or drought damage this summer.

How Will Kelp Extract Benefit Your Lawn?

Enhance New Seedlings
Kelp enzymes enhance seedling vigor and establishment of a new/overseeded lawn.

Stimulate Strong Root Growth
Kelp is like a refreshing, healing spray for the grass plants, stimulating growth.

Feed Your Landscape
Kelp is full of minerals, and nutrients, and is like a vitamin pill for your landscapes.


Is Kelp Extract Effective?


Proven Performance
Recent US university survey showed

80% of golf course superintendants use it.

Contact your local Nutri-Lawn for more information about how kelp extract can benefit your lawn.


Mother Nature’s Healing Balm