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"I want to thank the sweet young man who started the lawn mower for me and showed me how. Now I am able to myself. I am really pleased that he went over and above to help me."
Ingrid Shellnut – Hammonds Plains, NS June 2015

"The dog treats are awesome and a really nice touch."
Tara MacDonald – Dartmouth, NS May 2015

"We switched from the competition and have never regretted it"

"Very helpful and good communicators. We switched from the competition and have never regretted it."
Charles Ford – Bedford, NS June 2015

"I would recommend them to anyone"

"I've been with Nutri-Lawn for many years. They take the bother out of lawn care. I would recommend them to anyone."
Patrick McCluskey – Bedford, NS June 2015

"We intend to continue our arrangement with Nutri-Lawn for many years to come"

"My lawn is looking great and that's the "test of the pudding" as my grand mom would say. Entering my third year and very impressed with the improvement that has been made. The applications are timely, the providers are courteous, and the advice received for our site has been most helpful. The administration of the program is also well done. We intend to continue our arrangement with Nutri-Lawn for many years to come."
Bob Cook - Portuguese Cove, NS June 2015

"If you want a healthy, lush, chemical free lawn...call these guys. They are professional experts that will do all of the heavy lifting for you. My entire neighbourhood is full of dandelions in the spring and I have none! I have the greenest lawn all summer long and into the fall. Great service, great products, great value!"
Darren Czech – Halifax, NS May 2015

"Love the service and the reasonable prices"

"We have been using Nutri-Lawn for a few years now with great success. The lawns in our neighbourhood that have been treated by Nutri-Lawn are far greener & healthier looking than the once that the completion maintains. We have almost virtually no dandelions and the grass is lush and green. Love the service and the reasonable prices. "
Karen Raith – Bridgewater, NS May 2015

"we began to see gradual results"

"Our lawn was in rough shape three years ago due to cinch bug damage. Nutri-Lawn took over our lawn service from another company and we began to see gradual results. Our lawn now is fairly healthy now and we are pleased with the results. Nutri-Lawn makes regular visits to our property and is always inspecting our lawn. They employees always seem helpful and eager to answer any questions."
Steve Raycroft – Fall River, NS May 2015

"We have been clients of Nutri-Lawn Nova Scotia for 25 years. We are very pleased with the quality service they provide. Many people who walk by our home ask us how we manage to have such beautiful lawn. Our response is simply Nurtri-Lawn Nova Scotia 's great service and products. This company provides timely services and we find yhe cost very reasonable."
Wanda Mercer – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"Very efficient service backed by great customer service"

"Very efficient service backed by great customer service. They keep you well informed of what products where applied and how they work. They inspect your lawn and provide any suggestions that may be helpful in order to improve or maintain your lawn."
Wayne Rowcliffe – Middle Sackville, NS May 2015

"Nutri-Lawn has serviced our lawn for 5 years. We thought we would have to replace our lawn in 2011,but before we rushed out and had our lawn dug up we called Nutri-Lawn. At that time there was a lot of weeds, dandelions, creeping charlie ,clover, dead areas from bug infestation and in short just a mess. Nutri-Lawn assured us that our lawn could be saved and would look great at he end of the first season.It did and continues to thrive with their expertise. A well cared for lawn has a lot of curb appeal and achieving that is best left to the experts at Nutri-Lawn."
Eleanor Wright – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"keep up the great work"

"We have been very pleased with the services we have received from Zach Conohan and Nutri-Lawn services to our property. We had and have problems with clover and chickweed but seems to be under control and with this years services hope to get rid of it tks again.keep up the great work."
Steve & Judy MacLearn – Wolfville, NS May 2015

"great lawn service is worth the money paid"

"I had cinch bugs and called Nutri-Lawn who were able to get rid of the bug immediately but I waited too long as the bug had a good feast. The technician seeded the damaged areas and gave me some advise to seeding other areas destroyed and the lawn looks great. The second year the bugs came back but with the good service of Nutri-Lawn they saved the day. It is hard to control weeds and bugs on your own and great lawn service is worth the money paid."
Dennis Egyedy – Stillwater Lake, NS May 2015

"excellent employees who are always friendly"

"Working nights so only get home around 7:30am. So had my food and was reading emails when Nutri-Lawn showed up for power raking. So very happy to see them as working nights means nothing gets done at my place. Told them about our compost pile where they could place the leaves and grass clippings. Saved me from trying to tackle that job myself. Very happy with your service and excellent employees who are always friendly and eager to work even with the blackflies :)"
Bonnie Kerwin – Oakhill, NS May 2015

"Very efficient and effective"

"Very efficient and effective; totally attentive and responsive to customer requests and needs."
Reg Glencross – Middle Sackville, NS May 2015

"impressed with the results"

"In 2014, I had a lawn which was nothing more than a wasteland with dandelions and weeds (of all sorts). I turned my lawn over to Nutri-Lawn in order to try and bring it back to what the lawn once was. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the results. As the spring season gets going in 2015, I can say that I do not have the weeds that I once had and which the neighbours still contend with."
Steve Scott – Bedford, NS May 2015

"pleased with the quality of service"

"We used your services at our old house and were very pleased. When we moved, we decided to use your services again and are more than pleased with the quality of service we receive. I like getting a written report detailing what your recommendations are. Thank you."
Paula Yochoff – Dartmouth, NS May 2015

"wonderful customer service"

"Excellent service, wonderful customer service. My lawn looks wonderful and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend to my friends."
Holly Bond – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"the results were amazing!"

"We bought our house a couple years ago. The grass in the front and back yard was either covered by weeds or dying. We tried Nutri-Lawn for the first time last year and the results were amazing! Rich green grass is beigginning to grow again. It's important to keep in mind that depending on the ground, amount of sun, type of soil etc. that results will vary, and most (like us) will need more than a year in order to get the "perfect" grass."
Simon Larose – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"always show up when they say they will"

"We are more than happy with Nutri-Lawn. Neighbours who use other services do not have a lawn even close to ours. Nutri-Lawn is an easy choice. They do a great job, are professional and always show up when they say they will."
Graham Townsend – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"Very good communication and service"

"Progressive company. Very good communication and service."
David Martin – Halifax, NS May 2015

" Thanks so much, Nutri-Lawn"

"I was very pleased with the service that Matt Brophy provided. He applied fertilizer to my lawn and then made a good suggestion that my lawn needs to be aerated. He then gave me some advice on how to get rid of a patch of moss on my lawn and even gave me a few small bags of grass seed to replant the area. Thanks so much, Nutri-Lawn"
Greg Nicholson – Halifax, NS May 2015

"In just one season we have seen great improvements"

"We started with Nutri-lawn a year ago at the beginning of the 2014 season with many challenging issues in our large lawn including areas of poor soil, weeds and moss, hilly sections, shady areas, and water run-off problems. The lawn had been slowly deteriorating over the last 10 years. In just one season we have seen great improvements. Our technician Kris Frausell provides great input on the lawn's condition and we appreciate the timely updates about services and when they will be provided. We look forward to continued progress this year!"
Hans Himmelman - Mason's Point NS May 2015

"A+ for customer service"

"Josh should get an A+ for customer service; he arrived on time and was very polite."
Debby Richardson – Falmouth, NS May 2015

"I recommend them highly to all interest parties"

"Excellent service with prompt communication. We have obtained immediate response to all of my lawn problems, quite a change from my previous supplier. I recommend them highly to all interest parties"
Lee Rankin – Bridgewater, NS May 2015

"My lawn is the envy of the neighborhood"

"Nutri-Lawn has been treating my lawn for the last 6 years and I can say enough good things about them. My lawn is the envy of the neighborhood and it is all due to the service and expertise of Nutri-Lawn."
Chad Smith – Lower Sackville, NS May 2015

"our lawn is greatly improved"

"Excellent service and feedback on the condition of our lawn. Since we started using Nutri Lawn, the condition of our lawn is greatly improved and our lawn looks better than ever before."
Betty Ann Pothier – Bedford, NS May 2015

"We now have a beautiful lawn"

"Our lawn was dying and full of weeds. Nutri-Lawn started treating our lawn last fall and we noticed a difference almost immediately. We now have a beautiful lawn thanks to Nutri-Lawn."
Michelle Engram – Hammonds Plains, NS May 2015

"friendly and efficient"

"I want to thank Zach Conohan for going above and beyond with our lawn the other day. Zach is so friendly and efficient."
Kevin & Ann Dort – Waterville, NS May 2015

"We really like Zach Egan, he is really a great guy."
Greg Boss – Waverley, NS May 2015

"A big Thank You from Nancy’s dog Mabby, He enjoys the treats."
Nancy Denton – Dartmouth, NS May 2015

"Joe Tanner in particular a pleasure to deal with"

"Thank you so very much for you time and assistance with the quote, we found your company and Joe Tanner in particular a pleasure to deal with."
Tracey Phillips – Upper Tantallon, NS May 2015

"Awesome service. Very efficient and very informative with lawn analysis and updates delivered straight to my inbox. Very concise description of what work was performed and why. No hassle/pressure to purchase upgraded services which is a nice change from the usual "Oh you have our basic plan, what you really need is our ultra super duper plan". Quick to answer questions regarding lawn care which is also a nice bonus. Would/have highly recommended these guys if in need of professional lawn care."
Shawn O’Brien – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"Great service and product! Jill Bugden is always super helpful and knowledgeable when I send an email or have a question. We only started using Nutri-Lawn late last season, and our front lawn was in especially bad shape from chinch bugs. After the terribly long winter season we had, I expecting the worst of the lawn. To my surprise, the lawn has come back incredibly well already after last Fall's Nutri-Lawn treatments. The other nice thing is the technician that treats your lawn actually takes the time to analyze the lawn and recommend other treatments. I would absolutely recommend Nutri-Lawn to others (and have)!"
Ryan McCarville – Cole Harbour, NS May 2015

"We destroyed our lawn by applying a product that killed every blade of grass. We contacted a number of companies for help and decided that Nutri-Lawn best met our needs. They managed our lawn care in the summer of 2014 aerating, liming, fertilizing, seeding etc and brought our lawn back. The company is very customer oriented. They let you know when they are providing a service & followup with a written & an email report. We are very pleased with the service & have contracted them again this summer. We would definitely rate their service & product a 5 star."
Pat Pettit – Halifax, NS May 2015

"We saw a huge improvement last season and were quite happy. You guys did a fantastic job, looking forward to seeing results this season."
Victoria LeBlanc – Halifax, NS March 2015

"He addressed our concerns and worked with us this year"

"Matt Brophy is great. He addressed our concerns and worked with us this year. We would like to have him back in our area again next year."
Ray Klapstein – Hammonds Plains NS November 2014

"Zach turned it into a beautiful lawn again"

"I’m a completely satisfied customer. Zach Conahan did a great job! Before my lawn was quite a sad sight and I never imagined that it could be salvaged. However Zach turned it into a beautiful lawn again. I’m also impressed by the communication you provide with your customers. Your office is very well managed. A big thank you and I’m looking forward to next year."
Maria Uebel – Wolfville, NS November 2014

"excellent service technician for Nutri-Lawn"

"Kris Frausell is an excellent service technician for Nutri-Lawn and always so cheerful and happy no matter the weather or temperature. I should also point out Kris is a very handsome fellow too ☺"
Bonnie Kerwin – Bridgewater, NS November 2014

"Can’t believe the difference."

"Can’t believe the difference. We actually have a lawn now!"
Lance Bullock – Dartmouth, NS October 2014

"my lawn is free of weeds"

"This fall, for the first time my lawn is free of weeds and the grass is thick and green. I am very pleased with the care you have provided this year."
Shirley O’Sullivan – Dartmouth, NS October 2014

"great job all summer long"

"Matt Brophy did a great job all summer long."
Ingrid Shellnutt – Hammonds Plains, NS November 2014

"so happy"

"I am so happy with my lawn and Matt Brophy’s service."
Earl Wilkinson – Hammonds Plains, NS October 2014

"very personable and friendly"

"I am most impressed with Ben Hack. He was well informed on the products, and he’s very personable and friendly. I want to say thank you."
Cindy Millar – Cole Harbour, NS November 2014

"Zach Conohan did a superb job on the weeds! I’ve appreciated the service this year."
Jack MacDonald – Coldbrook, NS September 2014

"Thank you for the e-mail updates. I certainly appreciate the communication policy that your company has in place."
David Bellefontaine – Halifax, NS September 2014

"I am very pleased with Zach Egan. He is always pleasant, such a nice young man and so hard working and that he is like that every time he comes to my property."
Scott Young – Fall River, NS September 2014

"We are very impressed with Ben Hack. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We will be back next year!"
Jill Devanney – Lawrencetown, NS October 2014

"The guys did a great job upgrading my irrigation system."
Eric Himmelman – Fall River, NS August 2014

"We are pleased with the service we have been provided from your company. Everyone is so professional and helpful and goes above & beyond for us. This is our second year with Nutri-Lawn and we are as happy today as we were on day one. Our lawn is becoming the talk of the neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier. A special thank you to Matt Brophy for working hard to get our lawn up to snuff and Jackie Zorychta for the emails and calls to remind us to keep our dogs off the lawn after the visits. Well done guys. See you next season."
John Bradley – Hammonds Plains, NS September 2014

"I am very pleased with weed control results."
Patrick Loughnane – New Minas, NS September 2014

"Thanks for the invite to your customer appreciation day. It was lovely, and I was very pleased to meet you all. All the best for the next 25 years."
Jeanne Goodwin-Hibbs – Lower Sackville, NS August 2014

"Kris Frausell is great. My husband and I love to see him coming to our property. He goes above and beyond to provide services."
Jack & Sheila Hubley – Mahone Bay, NS July 2014

"Kris Frausell is a nice guy!"
Kendall & Linda Lohnes – Blockhouse, NS August 2014

"Thank you for your prompt response and action to our email. We recognize the challenges in managing weeds and insects with the products you are allowed to use. Thank you for listening and being responsive."
Paul Ryan – Windsor Junction, NS August 2014

"I was with another company for a few years before coming to Nutri- Lawn. Your service, emails, communication along with a dedicated technician is better than anything I have experienced before. "
Lorna Ryan – Dartmouth, NS August 2014

"Jackie Zorychta's customer service is great!"
Lisa Zinck – Bridgewater, NS July 2014

"Kris Frausell was a big help, he is a great customer service representative for the company"
Robbie Shaw – Chester Basin, NS July 2014

"Ben Hack is a valuable employee, he is very calm & knowledgeable, and he explained everything in detail. He does a very good job at what he does and he is an excellent representative for your company!"
Richard Fletcher– Lawrencetown, NS July 2014

"I am happy with how my lawn looks and I am very happy with your service."
Eileen Edyedy – Stillwater Lake, NS July 2014

"I am pleased with Ben Hack. He is polite and pleasant to talk with, he notices the gardening that I am doing, he gives me good tips and he is good with my dog."
Susan Briggs – Cole Harbour, NS July 2014

"knows his stuff and shares his findings"

"You have a very good guy working for you. Ben knows his stuff and shares his findings; keep him on your payroll."
Anna Morris – Halifax, NS July 2014

"great improvement in our lawn"

"Thank you for the professional evaluation of our property. I am so very pleased with all your services so far, I see a great improvement in our lawn in this short time. Thank you so much to the great Nutri-Lawn team and special thanks to Ben, he is wonderful."
Francine Aubrecht – Eastern Passage, NS July 2014

"very impressed"

"I am very impressed with Hugh. He showed me where the baby chinch bugs were on my lawn."
Ben House – Stillwater Lake, NS July 2014

"I get all kinds of compliments"

"I am blown away by the improvement in my huge lawn. I get all kinds of compliments."
Sarah Kirby – Bedford, NS July 2014

"You guys are doing a great job!"

David & Marcella Abugov – Halifax, NS June 2014

"pleasure to deal with"

"I am very impressed with the service. Kris is very polite and knowledgeable and just a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy."
Marilyn Hill – Halifax, NS June 2014

"You have very nice employees."

Mona Salter – Halifax, NS July 2014

"professional and knowledgeable"

"Joe came to do a service call, I am very impressed. He is very professional and knowledgeable."
Mervin Weagle – Timberlea, NS June 2014

"pleased with the service"

"I sold my house but up to now I have been pleased with the service, they listen to my concerns about weeds and Brian is super!"
Maija McLellan – Halifax, NS July 2014

"just awesome"

"Derek is so good. He takes his time and is just awesome."
Janet Robertson – Dartmouth, NS June 2014

"Thank you for the service"

"Thank you for the service invoice which explains what was completed as well as the recommendations to keep a healthy lawn."
Franicne Aubrecht – Eastern Passage, NS June 2014

"I am thrilled with the installation"

"I wanted to say how easy it has been to have Nutri-Lawn do this install. The guys are lovely. They work so hard and steady, do an excellent job, your folks have even re-seeded for me. I am thrilled with the installation. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am."
Heather Cameron – Dartmouth, NS June 2014

"wonderful job"

"Ian & Jacob are doing a wonderful job mowing my lawn."
Margaret Pyle – Dartmouth, NS June 2014

"Thank you for coming back and completing the aeration. We are happy with Nutri-Lawn and that is why we keep coming back each year."
Gloria Gleaser – Shad Bay, NS June 2014

"Kyle is the most serviceable young man, so careful around the perennials, very professional and we should be proud to have him as an employee."
Ley Chapman– Dartmouth, NS May 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that all the technicians that serviced my lawn have done an awesome job and once my new house is built we will be calling for service on that property."
Karen & Warren Shih – Lawrencetown, NS May 2014

"I get compliments about how great my lawn looks. Ben does an awesome job and I recommend Nutri-Lawn to everyone.."
Glenn Taylor – Halifax, NS June 2014

"fabulous job"

"I want to thank Dan and Sean as they did a fabulous job when doing my aeration."
Muriel Headrick – Dartmouth, NS May 2014

"nice guy"

"Zach is such a nice guy. "
Kevin & Ann Dort – Waterville, NS May 2014

"Ben is a nice young man."

David & Marcella Abugov– Halifax, NS May 2014

"great service"

"Thank you for the great service over the past few years."
Dan Muldoon – Dartmouth, NS May 2014

"awesome young men"

"I want to thank the office staff and Steve as well as the guys that were here today as they are awesome young men."
Krista Chen – Bedford, NS May 2014

"I am all for Nutri-Lawn. Thanks to Jackie for the quick response and taking care of my account."

Don Lim - Dartmouth, NS May 2014

"Matt is awesome, he is very nice and knowledgeable."

Ken Crawford - Hammonds Plains, NS May 2014

"Thank you for all the years of great service."

John Holt - Eastern Passage, NS May 2014

"I have been happy with your service over the years and I am highly recommending you to the new owners!"

Bryan Carroll - Dartmouth NS May 2014

"Thanks so much! With your support, our auction was able to raise $3800 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada."
Stephanie Murphy - Hammonds Plains, NS April 2014

"Ben does a great job and leaves great notes for me."
Grainne Neilson - Halifax, NS May 2014

"Thank-you for your visit and recommendations. "
Scott Tremaine - Dartmouth, NS May 2014

"Thanks for service done yesterday. My dog Buddy says thanks for the treats too."
Karl Field - Brookside, NS May 2014

"The ladies in the office are really nice."

Jack Oliver - Lake Echo, NS April 2014

"Nutri-Lawn is so good at customer service."

"I am very pleased with Brian, he is so professional and such a gentleman. Nutri-Lawn is so good at customer service. "
Marie McPhee - Eastern Passage, NS April 2014

"Thanks Ben for helping me with my groceries."

Anne Von Maltzahn - Halifax, NS April 2014

"The cleanup done this year by Ian and Jacob was the best that has ever been done."

Bob Dulhanty - Dartmouth, NS April 2014

"Your service has always been excellent"

"Your service has always been excellent and Ben, the technician who serviced my property was professional and reliable at all times. I do not have one complaint. I would recommend Nutri-Lawn to anyone interested in this type of service."
Kathy Stewart - Halifax, NS April 2014


"My fall clean-up was FABULOUS; I want to thank the guys for doing such a great job."
Krista Chen - Bedford, NS November 2013

"they came to the door every time to check on me"

"I am very happy with Ben R and Ian this season, they came to the door every time to check on me and I am very pleased. "
Shirley Gaetz - Dartmouth, NS November 2013

"You are much better than weed man."

"You are much better than weed man. Great services! Great products! Our lawn has never looked better!"
Charles Ford - Bedford, NS November 2013

"I am really pleased"

"Drew, Ben and Ian did a fabulous job this season, I am really pleased."
Lindsay McPhee - Dartmouth, NS November 2013

"We are so pleased with our lawn this year!"

"We are so pleased with our lawn this year! It's the greenest it's ever been and our lawn wasn't over run with weeds as it has been in the past. Very pleased with it!"
Troy & Lisa Howe - Dartmouth, NS November 2013

"Thank you for doing a great job."

April & Stan MacDougall - Wellington NS November 2013

"Thanks for the wonderful service from our technician Sam. He is a very Courteous, pleasant and Knowledgeable service representative of Nutri-Lawn"

Bernie Leonard - Fall River, NS November 2013

"I am really happy with the service! The seed is growing awesome."

Erica Munn - Halifax, NS November 2013

"I want to thank Nutri-Lawn for an incredibly good job and to thank Ben for the great job this season."

David & Marcella Abugov - Halifax, NS November 2013

"A special "Thank You" to Ryan for his professionalism and friendliness."
George Gray - Dartmouth, NS November 2013

"Thank you, I appreciate receiving your summary reports. I planted and watered the seed you provided and the lawn looks better than ever. We will be removing any crab grass that appears in spring and hope your weed treatment will eliminate any that remains."
Richard Potter - Bedford, NS November 2013

"Thank you so much! We appreciate this greatly and I want you to know how nice it is to have the support of your business. It shows great character of your company and the people within it, that you are willing to help the youth in the community. Also my lawn looks great because of you guys!
Nicole Deveau - Dartmouth, NS September 2013

"I want to thank you for giving us a beautiful lawn this year. We are very pleased with the results and will continue to take advantage of your services in the future."
Danielle Tardy - Dartmouth, NS October 2013

"great employees"

"All the great employees that have been on his property have been totally awesome this year!"
Terry Brockway - Dartmouth, NS October 2013

"very friendly and does his job well"

"Just wanted to thanks you for the past years' service and to tell you I thought Sam was a great asset to your company, very friendly and does his job well. Daisy likes her treats too. See you next year!"
Joanne Spooner - Enfield NS October 2013

"super job this summer"

"The guys that mow my lawn did a super job this summer. I am very happy with my lawn this year. Thanks!"
Bob Reardon - Halifax, NS October 2013

"you will be servicing my property again next year."

"I am very happy with the notes you leave me and I hope that you will be servicing my property again next year. "
Anna Morris - Halifax, NS October 2013

"Drew is such a great employee."

"Drew is such a great employee. I had to get to my daughters place due to an emergency, the cab was taking too long so Drew drove me over. "
Liz Axnick - Dartmouth, NS October 2013

"Brian did great job"

"Brian did great job, you can tell that he took his time as there is a lot of brown spots where there is weeds dying."
Richard Fletcher - Lawrencetown, NS October 2013


"Ben F has done my services for a couple of years and he is great."
Carol Fiander - Ketch Harbour, NS September 2013

"good Job"

"Kris did a good Job as usual."
Richard Beard - Bridgewater, NS September 2013

"my lawn looks fabulous and I am very appreciative"

"I want to say a BIG thank you to Wayne, my lawn looks fabulous and I am very appreciative."
Nancy Webb - Deep Cove, NS September 2013

"My lawn looks fabulous: it's the biggest and the best in the court, I am very pleased and will be going with Nutri-Lawn again next season."
Brenda Piercey - Eastren Passage, NS September 2013

"I want to thank Kyle for his outstanding service. "
Brenda MacIsaac - Bedford, NS September 2013

"I am very pleased with Andy; he called meto explain where the chinch bugs were and even went the extra mile by offering to return to my property."
Mervin Weagle - Timberlea, NS September 2013

"Hughie and Kyle have done an amazing job on my lawn.."
Darlene Drake - Beaverbank, NS September 2013

"Thank you Drew for all your hard work this year."

Veronica King - Dartmouth, NS September 2013

"generous donation"

"Thanks for your generous donation of $100.00 gift certificate in support of my fundraising for the leukemia and lymphoma society."
Maggie Holm - Halifax, NS August 2013

"awesome job while I was away!"

"The guys mowing my lawn did an awesome job while I was away!"
John Glenn - Bedford, NS July 2013

"pleasure to do business"

"It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has obviously earned a great reputation!"
Rick Walker - Dartmouth, NS July 2013

"I am pleased with the service and my CSR."

"I am really impressed with Zach, he is a nice guy, always polite, always knocks on the door to chat. I am pleased with the service and my CSR."
John Charest - Berwick, NS July 2013

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