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To Be A Nutri-Lawn Franchisee...

"Being a Nutrilawn franchisee has been a very rewarding last ten years, purchasing the rights to a small market a few years after finishing college, I have been able to look back at our decision to adopt the Nutrilawn philosophy as being a no brainer!

Along with being not only a profitable business venture (growing the business to over a million dollars in what seems like 6 short years) I have made some life long friends, some with whom I have shared some really great experiences, from annual trips down south to mid summer fishing trips, the camaraderie with fellow Nutrilawn staff and franchisees has always seemed like a family (at times a fraternity!)

I believe with the right attitude and "self gumption" the Nutrilawn system will work for anyone who truly wants to experience the freedom and lifestyle that goes along with being an entrepreneur..... ask any of us "10 plus year franchisees" why were still in it!

If you build it they will come!"

-Martin Williams | Nutri-Lawn York North

"Choosing a Nutri-Lawn franchise 17 years ago was one of the best decisions I have made. Nutri-Lawn International has helped me grow my business and create equity which will provide a very comfortable retirement as well as a great lifestyle today. I could not create that with other businesses I have owned.

Lawn care is continually interesting as each season is different from the previous one. Nutri-Lawn has proven to be the best of the lawn care franchises available which makes it the natural choice to me. The franchise group which Nutri-Lawn has gathered gladly mentors each other creating a great resource to help with the more difficult challenges of small business.

Nutri-Lawn is certainly the way to build a business you can be proud of!"

-Jim Nix | Nutri-Lawn Calgary

"My name is Robert Bourne and I have been a franchisee for 3 years and have not looked back because there is so much potential in this industry and each year brings even more opportunity for growth. Nutri-Lawn has provided a very comfortable lifestyle and income for me and allows me to enjoy my downtime in the off-season too.

What I love about being a Nutri-Lawn franchisee is not only the support I receive from the Nutri-Lawn family, but also the sharing of ideas from other franchisees who have found success in their systems.One piece of advice - Don't expect an overnight success. It takes time and effort to grow this business. Focus on SALES.

The best part about Nutri-Lawn is that this is a seasonal business and every year there is time to get away and refresh.

If I could do it all over again, I would have started earlier."

-Rob Bourne - Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

"Being part of the Nutri-Lawn Franchise Family was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I am proud to be a part of a team that not only strives to deliver a top notch service, but also gives back to community on a local, national and international level through its re:nourish program.

The re:nourish program for me speaks volumes as a company when you see the President, CEO, Managers, employees, and owners participate in a program to help others. Nutri-Lawn certainly in the past few years has supported National Food Banks, Orphanage Projects, Local Churches, Sport Teams, and more.

As a new owner, Head Office and other owners are available to provide assistance at anytime. There are so many resources available to a new owner to help you achieve your targets such as: Financial Benchmarking, Agronomic Training, Mentoring, and ongoing support throughout the year. If you’re looking to be an owner that gives back to the community, seeking financial stability and to gain a sense of accomplishment Nutri-Lawn will provide you with this.

Don’t get any more golf time though."

-Boyd Loveless  | Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland

Doug Charles, Retired Franchisee of our Vancouver North location:

"It was 15 years ago this month that I bought this business. In fact I attended my first annual meeting in Kananaskis even before the deal was done. I came away very impressed with the other franchise owners. I was struck by how open they were to share ideas and results with everyone. People like Thom Bourne and Gary Redfern, who had already established large profitable operations, went out of their way to assist others who were struggling and even people like me who didn’t know fertilizing from aeration. I knew instantly that I had made the right decision.

In turn, one of my most gratifying moments as a franchisee was the first time I was asked for advice. That’s when I felt I was finally on track in my business.

There are numerous advantages to being part of the Nutri-Lawn system. And over the years the helping hands have always been within a phone call. I have picked the brains of many of you over the years; some more than others. And I want to thank every one of you for all the assistance you have given.

Like many of you, I have worked with NLI through their various ownership and management incarnations; from Dick Nellis through First Services to Ryan and Ted. In my humble opinion the franchise system has never been in better hands than today. I believe current ownership has one key objective. That is to see everyone realize their maximum potential. And I want to publicly thank Ryan and Ted for all they have done to assist Rob and me in making this deal.

So to all, thank you so very much for your kindness and support over 15 years. I am proud to have been in your company."

-Doug Charles

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